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Gnarly Tree is an ethical and sustainable clothing company based on the south coast of the UK. Situated at the foot of the South Downs and a stone’s throw from the ocean, Gnarly Tree Clothing is surrounded by a natural beauty which inspires our designs, influences our values and dictates our lifestyle. Like a gnarled tree exposed to all the forces of its environment, we too are shaped by nature.

We were conceived from the idea that we can do business differently. We believe our environment is more important than fast-fashion consumption, that people are more important than profits and that local community should be valued and supported. This is why all our clothing is manufactured in sustainable ways, why our clothing manufacturers are sweat shop free and affiliated with the Fair Wear Foundation. We hand print all our clothing here in Chichester using solvent free inks which have been accredited by the Soil Association. 

The company was conceived on the beautiful French island of La Réunion surrounded by world class waves and spectacular mountain hiking but took its first baby steps in Val d'Isère with the stunning backdrop of the Alps. Printing original designs on t shirts in the cold store of a chalet between snowfalls helped to bolster a seasonnaire's meagre income. Taking inspiration from trips all over the world we have come back to our roots on the south coast to provide ethical and sustainable alternatives to the fast-fashion model of business we find on the high-street.