Community is a big deal and we love people. Sourcing clothing from Bangladesh and selling it in the UK means we are responsible and accountable to communities both near and far. At Gnarly Tree Clothing we want to know the people who buy our clothes and share stories of adventure, we also want to know that the people making our clothes are paid fairly and work in good conditions. You won’t find us registering our head office in Luxembourg anytime soon, we want to pay our tax.

When you purchase an item of Gnarly Tree Clothing you don’t just get a sustainably made, sweat shop free, hand printed product, you become part of a community of likeminded people who feel most alive in nature, who care about the protection of the natural world and care about the wellbeing of working communities both at home and abroad. In this part of our website we want to pay tribute to the people who have made this company possible, the people who inspire us and just people we generally love. The people who make up the Gnarly Tree community… join us!