Here at Gnarly Tree, nature is everything. We cherish all of it, from Alpine slopes to the mountainswells of the South Coast. But it’s not enough to stand back and admire it; sometimes, you have to show nature your love. Big businesses expect unlimited growth from the limited resources of the natural world. It does not take much to see that this is unsustainable. Instead, we have tried to build a different model, in which every part of production is ethical and sustainable. From our choice of fibres, to the manufacturers and the transport we choose, each step of the process leaves a friendly footprint. Gnarly Tree may not be able save the world on our own. However, we take pride in showing that ethical clothing is a good look.

Nothing Wasted:

Our manufacturers operate 100% solar-powered warehouses, and use low-energy machines. The excess produced during sewing is recycled as home textile materials, and our clothing is transported in recyclable cardboard boxes.

Nothing Hidden:

All of our manufacturers meet GOTS, OE and OE 100 standards. This means they comply with the highest environmental and social ideals. The Global Organic Textile Standard demands the best practices across the entire supply chain.

Nothing Added:

We use water based inks, that do not contain PVC or phthalates. Most inks include lead, heavy metals, or other toxic chemicals, but ours do not. Nor do they contain CFCs, aromatic hydrocarbons, or volatile solvents.

organic cotton

At Gnarly Tree, we love snow and we love sand, but we also love … soil. That’s why we are so careful about what goes into our clothes.

The cotton we use is grown without pesticides or fertilizers, so the crops do not pollute the environment. Organic cotton farmers are encouraged to alternate their production with food crops, providing a more diverse income and improving food security in local communities. All this helps to preserve the soil and the communities that make a living from it. To understand how important soil is to our natural world click the following link

Alongside our organic cotton, we use a man-made fibre called Tencel. This fabric is produced by reforming the cellulose in wood pulp. Cellulose is the natural polymer that makes up vegetable cells, so when we say our clothes are shaped by nature, we mean it. All the tree farms used to produce Tencel are managed to produce sustainable harvests, and the ‘closed loop’ spinning process has a minimal impact on the environment.

Whether we’re using organic cotton, or man-made alternatives, all of our products are sustainable and eco-friendly. Here at Gnarly Tree, we only do clothes in green.