Dulyn Bothy // Jan '20

Christmas passes and foolishly I find myself believing the lie that winter is over. In truth it has barely begun and whilst these winter months reward hardened British surfers with swell it's fair to say that the years first three months have a tendency to be bleak and draw on longer than feels necessary. Yet, if you embrace the short days and moody skies there's a lot of joy and a lot of beauty to be found in these months of hibernation. 

This year, having schemed ideas with photographer, friend and now Swedish resident Christopher Lanaway, we decided to round up some of the Gnarly Tree crew and head up to Snowdonia for a weekend. Bothies have always captured my imagination, or perhaps I'm just cheap, but the idea of hiding yourself away in a secluded (free) refuge amongst beautiful scenery with nothing but the crackle of a fire and whatever entertainment you pack is too tempting.

Maybe I have over-romanticised it, because in truth it was cold and we all slept pretty horribly but yet the soft glow of tea lights, the thawing cup of tea and all-round absence of screens made for a pretty peaceful evening.

My hope for this trip and collection was to not wish spring's arrival too soon but to embrace these winter months for all they're worth, to get back to our more mountainous roots and inspire you to fight the urge to hide indoors for the next three months. Enjoy.