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Fast-fashion is polluting rivers and exploiting workers. Single-use plastics are choking the sea and being buried in landfill. The homogenous high-street doesn’t inspire. 

So why don’t we stop using pesticides on our cotton? Why don’t we stop covering all our online orders in polyurethane? Why don’t we make a stand against paying poverty wages and turning a blind eye to poor working conditions? And why don’t we start printing our unique designs in-house, by hand, using oil-free inks? 

We thought these were good ideas. And we think you agree, it's why you're on this webpage. It's why our clothing is made in factories affiliated with the Fair Wear Foundation to monitor wages and working conditions. It’s why our clothing is made from GOTS standard organic cotton and why our water-based inks meet Soil Association standards. It’s why we package all our online orders in paper bags. Because it doesn’t have to be any other way. 

We love getting outdoors. Buying your clothes shouldn’t compromise that.


We printed our first t shirt in the cold store of a ski chalet in Le Fornet, Val d’Isere on a table between tins of tomatoes and bags of potatoes. Between snowfalls, serving croissants and cleaning toilets Jonny starting selling Gnarly Tree t shirts to guests and staff of the ski chalet to bolster a meagre income. From day one we have been surrounded and inspired by natural beauty and adventure. 

When the snow melted, Jonny returned to the south coast and set about printing a run of t shirts and selling them from a simple wooden cart from the streets of Chichester on a peddlers license. The reward was no longer bluebird powder days but fickle surf at the Witterings and days on the water in Chichester Harbour. 

From here the business has organically grown and you’ll now find us trading at music festivals and events up and down the country as well as the odd pop-up shop. Our desire for adventure has never been stronger and we aim to represent the life we live outdoors through our unique designs, hand-printed on sustainable products. Our mission has always been to do business differently; to respect the environment, to value workers and to build a community of like-minded people who enjoy good design and adventure. 

Welcome to the family, we’re excited to go on this journey with you!


Whilst observing the gnarled trees that line the shores of Chichester Harbour one can’t help but notice the parallels between our lives and theirs. Something shaped by the sheer force of nature. Our lives are dictated by the tides, the winds, the low pressure systems out in the atlantic and the next snowfall. A life, a tree, shaped by nature.This same harbour which provides this analogy, by chance, also symbolises our name perfectly. Chichester Harbour, the Gnarly Tree.